Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Getting to Know Each Other

by Sheila Buska, Membership Chair

The National Society of Newspaper Columnist Membership Committee profiles a new member – selected at random - in each newsletter. In this issue, we’re pleased to profile two new members;

“All the Rage”

Theresa tells it best. In her reply to Director Luenna Kim’s welcoming letter, she wrote: “I am new at writing a column, and I don't look anything like Dave Barry, so it seems funny to call myself a "columnist." George Smith, Anniston Star icon, told me about the organization. He complimented my column once and so I thought I could impress him by joining.”

Theresa is a “licensed social worker turned journalist” and the managing editor of Longleaf Style, a regional magazine. Her weekly column, “All the Rage,” is about fashion and style for Southerners. Theresa says, “I became a columnist after walking by the features editor's desk one day. He looked stressed and to lift his mood, I said, "Hey, why don't you let me write a fashion column? I need to put my spiritual gifts – sarcasm and curiosity – to good use." Next thing ya know, I am a columnist.” Theresa said she’s just having fun and hopes to learn all she can from other columnists. Read “All the Rage” at Welcome, Theresa!