Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My favorite pastor's wife

Some of my pals have asked me how I met Eileen Button. Maybe it is because I refer to her as one of my spiritual advisers and brag about her columns all the time!

Well, my first introduction was reading an article she wrote in Newsweek about the role of the pastor's wife.

But, I "met" her when she emailed me to ask me if I was going to attend the National Society of Newspaper Columnist conference and how she needed a room mate. I chose to go to the beach, instead of the conference. Eileen won the cartwheel contest and I have wondered if hanging out at the beach was worth not being able to participate in the competition. I do plan on attending next year so that I can embarrass myself trying to throw my body around in awkward spins.

Needless to say, Eileen and I are kindred sisters. We do things to amuse people, while not contradicting our faith in the process!

As soon as she gets her book published, I'll tell you where you can buy it:) In the meantime, check out the Newsweek article and her site.

Thou Shalt Not Turn Me Into a False Idol

Eileen Button