My Journey

In my journey, I’ve learned a lot about grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love. I’ve been married for over 30 years and have two sons and one daughter-in-law-law. In my professional life, I've been a social worker, journalist, and educator. 

Education Specialist, Teacher Leader
Graduated: 2021 
Jacksonville State University 
Jacksonville, AL 

Master of Science in Education, Secondary Education, ELA 

Graduated: 2017 
Jacksonville State University 
Jacksonville, AL 

Bachelor of Social Work 

Minor: Sociology 
Communications & Journalism: 18 hours 
Graduated: 1996 
Jacksonville State University 
Jacksonville, AL 

Alabama Department of Education 

Class AA, Teacher Leader

Class A, Secondary
English Language Arts
Grade Level: 6-12    

Masters Equivalent 4, Career Technical Education
Specialty Area 3, Career and Technical (CS3)    
Grade Level: 6-12    
Technical Education (025)    
Technical Education: Advertising Design (T01)    
Technical Education: Graphic Arts (T18) 


Licensed Bachelor Social Work 
Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners 
Valid: 3/1/1997-3/31/2007 

2017-2018, IDEO Teachers Guild Fellow

Innovative Designers, Design Thinking in the Classroom 
Global Collaboration in the Classroom 
Mountain Brook Learning Conference, June 3-6, 2019
Birmingham, Alabama

How to Ignite Innovation in the Classroom

Alabama Education Technology Association (AETC) , June 14, 2018
Birmingham, Alabama

Design Thinking in the Classroom 

Mountain Brook Learning Conference, June 4-5, 2018
Birmingham, Alabama
This session will guide educators through Design Thinking with hands-on activities, while also introducing them to creative mindsets and being innovative in the classroom. Innovation is not a buzz word. In education, true innovation is not fearing change and being open to experimentation. One tool to being innovative in the classroom is Design Thinking. It is a process to problem-solving that involves five stages: Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test. As creative leaders, educators can be effective innovators by teaching students to have learner-centered mindsets that involve being Empathetic, Collaborative, Equitable, Optimistic, Experimental, and Storytelling. As one of ten national IDEO Teachers Guild Fellows, Theresa Shadrix received hands-on training in Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design, and Creative Leadership. 

Freedom's Choice 

CORE Academy, Jacksonville State University, 2015 
The Freedom Rides of 1961 and some Calhoun County residents clashed on May 14, 1961 when members of a local Klan Kavern burned the Greyhound bus in the Wellborn community and beat Freedom Riders on the Trailways bus. This workshop focused on the local history of the Greyhound bus, the photos taken by Joe Postiglione for The Anniston Star, and ways to teach the topic in secondary schools. 

Cover It!  

CORE Academy, Jacksonville State University, 2015 
Workshop about communications, journalism and media in classroom projects. 

Augmented Reality in the Classroom 

CORE Academy, Jacksonville State University, 2014 
Augmented Reality (AR) is a merging of the physical and virtual reality worlds. Using an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, apps like Aurasma and Layar allow a printed page to link with digital content, like websites, videos, coupons, social media, photo galleries, 3D animations, and audio. Media coverage: The Anniston Star: Wireless learning comes at a price. 

Connect. Create. Change 

CORE Academy, Jacksonville State University, 2014. 
Integration of technology in the classroom. Using digital art and media projects to allow students to Connect to the topic, Create a project, and Change the way the student learns. Connect. Create. Change.